Special Features Of The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

Pokemon alpha sapphire is a 6th generation of the pokemon and this game has main series 3 rd edition of ruby and also sapphire. This game unveiled out on May 7th, 2014 and got a release out on November 28, 2014, by the Nintendo 3DS in part of European countries.  The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom first footage in the market as per the three days after the announcement and it get a great teaser by the Groudon and also Kyogre who are legendary pokemon. Here the Delta episode becomes an important storyline which failed playable in the pokemon sapphire, emerald, and Ruby.

Special Features Of The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

Special Features Of The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

Special Features Of The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

In this episode, the end of the world threatens over; it fails caused by the different criminal company.  In Moosbach city has large meteor to find out and it has a various diameter of more than 10 kilometers. When the director of the flight gets changes, the professor makes the sound as to change the direction that causes the hit in the part of the middle of Hoenn. Hope Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom becomes one of the more exciting game when the look of the other so it deriver end number of the player to play such the thrilling games with great fun from beginning to end of the games.

This game well preferred by the various players due to the unique and cool features to play with the new experience at every time. Let to discuss some of the cool features below

 Hoenn, never seen before:

It is a region which filled with a number of the island, and it stretched extensively from the eastern part to the western part along with the endless small islets. It does the blue sea around it. You can find out live volcano heart of the green island. The pokemon alpha sapphire player gets appreciated to spend time by playing remade Hoenn, and this island is designed with the natural look and also the number of the high-class pokemon. As a result, it is more interesting for people to play. On the other hand, the player can find out the breathing region in the form of the 3D effects and this game introduced in Pokemon X and Y.

 Pick from the old favorites:

If you come to play this pokemon game, it is essential to choose the first pokemon because it must be used to perform the whole version which you want. Therefore you have to decide if you need to partner up with the treeko, torchic, and Mudkip. Thus you can play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom which unique feature with thrilling effects and experience.

  A new story:

It is one of the individuals and unique features which found in the part of the Hoenn region, but it is not only the part of the real pokemon sapphire version. Then it is known as the Delta episode, and this episode involves the significant history of the region which took place over the 30000 years old. This story of the games start with Zinnia; she is a young women who can stand in their destiny. It filled a lot of the new appearance from the part of the Team Aqua, Team Magma, and other family faces. Therefore the player can enjoy great conflict among Deoxys and Rayquza in an excellent manner.

 Applicable to play by multiple players:

It is one of the secret base features in this game, and it filled with the number of the enhancement. Hence the player can dig out their secret based at a specific point over the map and start to decorate with the help of various furniture. Then Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom allows to share your entire secret base by the passersby on the street pass; else you can share via online by show the QR code which generated by the game. It has the option to collect a number of the secret base and another flange from the other stations so the player can enjoy a lot by playing this game with full and fun and entertainment. This game has the number of the player abound so the player can fight friends via a local wireless connection or else via online. This allows transferring from Black to white, Black 2 to White2 which is more comfortable to play such games with real fun and entertainment. It will enable the player to save more than 3000 pokemon from the ORAS and other sports.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom is one of the essential and more thrilling series in the pokemon games, and recently it updates the 3rdgene ration with the additional features to enjoy playing with the new experience. It delivered a great look and got polished to play by the different user without meeting trouble of it.



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